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Handcrafted Tabacco pipes at affordable prices!



In 2014, I began making pipes as "Werner Heisenberg". Since then I have continued to create quality custom, handmade pipes using Mediterranean briar, olive wood and European morta. All stems are hand cut and made from ebonite or acrylic resins. Occasionally specialty woods or alternative stem materials are used, but only at the customer's request. 

Regarding commission and custom orders, I know how frustrating it is to order and pay for a custom pipe from a maker, only to have to wait months to receive it. 

This frustration lead to my policy on commissions.

First of all, I will only have two commission pipe projects at any time. One I am working on, and one in line to be next. This way I can almost assure you that you will have your commission within 2 weeks. 

If I already have my book full, I will take your information and contact you as soon as a slot for your commission is open. 

That way no one is disappointed and 

waiting by the mailbox for a pipe 

that won't be started for weeks.

Second,  I do not accept payment in advance for commissions. I only ask for a minimal deposit to cover the cost of the materials. The balance is only due when the pipe is completed and you are satisfied with the pipe and the quality of the work. I'll gladly send you progress pictures of your pipe step by step along the way.

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